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This is mainly an outlet to tell the stories that go on in our household so that I don't go crazy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Twinkles

Adam and Jillian are totally different kids.......same house, same activities, same womb, but totally different kids!

Adam is sweet and gentle.  He doesn't talk a lot and what he does say is often so mumbled, it is hard to understand him.  He loves dogs - pictures of dogs, stuffed animals, but show him a real dog and he is terrified!  He loves to laugh and gives great hugs. 

Jillian is extremely independent.  She talks non-stop and will tell you that she has a big vocabulary and anything else you would like to know.  She tells Adam everything and she tells him what he wants and what we are allowed to do.  She's quite bossy. 

If we are at the playground, Adam goes up the stairs, Jillian climbs up the rocks.  At the doctor, Adam cries for each shot, Jillian looks at the nurse and tells her no more.  As a reward for the bathroom, she will tell us 2 m&ms for Jillian, one yellow and one orange and blue for Adam.  She makes us laugh but she is a handful and most of the time I feel so bad for Adam, because she is always going to be on his case.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crotty Kid

I don't even know where to start when looking over the last two years.  What started as a quiet household of two adults and two very spoiled cats exploded into a full time zoo with my kids - Adam and Jillian, the Crotty twins!

I had trouble getting pregnant....lots of trouble.  After not having a period for 2 years and seeing my doctor regularly, I switched physicians and what do I find out, I have PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome.    That would be why I didn't have a period, duh.  So after 7 cycles of Clomid, I went to a fertility specialist who recommended IVF.   After some ups and downs (I never knew it could hurt so bad waiting to go to the bathroom!), we found out we were having twins.

The pregnancy was intense!  I ended up with preeclampsia at the end of my pregnancy and gaining 100 pounds very quickly.  The actual birthing process wasn't fun either - after being induced, 24 hours of waiting to push, 2 hours of pushing, followed by an emergency c-section that ended with a high spinal.  They went to NICU and I needed lots of recovery time.  But we were all healthy after a couple of days and they had good birth weights.

So we all went home and that is where the real story begins.......jump ahead to present day!